Welcome To Cosmic Thriving, Located In Waterloo, New York
Cosmic Thriving with Kae Alexander V offers holistic health services, with the goal of helping clients achieve success, comfort, clarity, and peace of mind. We look at the entire being and determine ways to support each other on our journey toward personal growth and betterment.
Intuitive Life Coaching And Energy Healing
Our location in Auburn, New York is a welcoming space where you are invited to bring your most authentic self. Your guide, Kae Alexander V is an Intuitive Life Coach, intuitive reader, energy worker, and guided meditation coach who is pursuing a Reiki Master certification. Kae is nonbinary and uses he/they pronouns.
Utilizing a holistic and empathetic approach, Kae encourages and counsels clients on a variety of personal and professional issues. Using intuitive abilities, Kae helps clients identify pain points and design systems, coping strategies, and schedules that fit their needs and abilities. 
This is a partnership between guide and client, where the parties work together to uncover and address issues which may be holding the client back. Kae utilizes an array of resources including meditation, energy healing, aromatherapy, intuitive readings using cards and crystals, crystal healing, and proprietary mental exercises to assist clients on their path to betterment.
In addition to energy healing and life coaching in Auburn, Cosmic Thriving also offers life coaching remotely, utilizing video or phone calls to complete sessions.
Independent Life Coaching
Cosmic Thriving offers affordable proprietary self help and life coaching booklets, allowing the user to explore their needs and desires independently. These workbooks can be purchased on their own, or in conjunction with remote sessions with Kae, who will offer support and guidance throughout the process.
Cosmic Thriving Offers Custom Gemstone Jewelry
Kae is also a creative jewelry designer, specializing in creating custom gemstone jewelry to support and energize the wearer. Crystal lore states that each gemstone has properties which can be used to support the energy and wellbeing of the wearer. Kae carefully considers color and gemstone, matching properties to the needs of the wearer, to produce an attractive piece to support physical and mental wellbeing. 
The balancing and grounding energy of gemstones in the colors of the chakra can provide welcome support to those feeling unsteady or out of alignment with self and universe.
Gemstone talismans are a specialty of Kae's. Gemstone wolves are a popular talisman for strength and confidence, with crystal lore again referenced to choose the right energy for the desired outcome.
Shop Crystals, Gifts, Décor, And More
Visit Cosmic Thriving in person in (Location to be announced soon) to shop a variety of crystal decor and jewelry, handmade bath and body products, home decor, metaphysical goods, handmade silver jewelry, and more. Contact us to check our hours, or come in and visit if you see the sign outside.
Here on the Cosmic Thriving website, you'll find a curated selection of jewelry, clothing, and accessories, in addition to our life coaching workbooks and other services.
Proudly Serving Fingerlakes Region of New York
Cosmic Thriving is pleased to be a part of the Waterloo, New York community, and is active in local events. If you are interested in energy healing or life coaching services in or around Fingerlakes area, or would like to meet Kae and peruse our selection of metaphysical and handmade goods, please stop by!
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