Who Am I?

Who am I?

This could be one of the most important and impossible questions anyone could ever answer.

Speaking for myself, I am always changing so the answer to who I am is an endless question. I am the culmination of all that I have been, all the interactions I have had, the choices I have made...I am a cosmic being having a human experience.

Being a cosmic being in this human body, I love sincere beauty, freedom, joy, healing, wholeness, love, and connection. I pride myself on being authentic, sincere, and giving people the benefit of the doubt. My presence brings with it a genuine invitation to wake up, disrupting stagnation with compassion. The vision of my life is to inspire others to take risks and experiment with new things.

Since we’re here, connecting and opening up, here’s something I want you to know about me: I love Love. I love people, nature, animals. I love evolution, expansion, and growth.

If my experiences have taught me anything, it's that love is real, light can hold all darkness, everything happens for a reason, it's safe to feel everything, and ultimately, there's no need to be afraid.

This wisdom is propelling me forward with a calm conviction unlike ever before. Ten, or even five years ago, I didn’t know those things for sure…what I wanted to believe is what I know now, and I know it with complete certainty.

Learning alone can be hard and challenging, and the right decisions don't always feel right in the moment. We must sometimes embody certain lessons and ideas our soul has signed up for. Finding our truest self happens over time, individually and then collectively. Looking back, I’ve connected dots in myself and woken up to the truth of who I am and why I’m here. I can trace all of the major turning points in my life back to decisions and experiences that appeared incongruous or confusing at the time.

As an awakened cosmic being on my own pioneering path, I'm on a mission to ignite certainty about what matters in others. I resonate with visionaries and daring adventurers. We are sacred mirrors to one another. Life gets so much more fun when we rise together, side by side, hand in hand, cheering each other on through every phase and stage.

My mission for the last few years (honestly when I think of it, for most of my life) has been empowering people to create freedom and true joy. Through my many life experiences, the learning, overcoming, and creating that come from all that I have been through has been incredibly important; a true birth of my being and vision.

I am still carrying out the mission I came here to accomplish. In the business I created and scaled over many years, I was and continue to be reborn repeatedly. And that's a good thing! Growth is always good.

Me right now is excited, rooted, true, easy, integrated. I am prepared and I am ready.

I am at a crossroads, and as in every compelling story, I am faced with choices and more rooted in myself than ever before. The direction I’m headed is apparent, but the complete path isn't yet clear. My authentic self knows it will show up, and the spaciousness to see is essential for what's next to unfold on its own terms. No longer will I force, but rather trust divine timing. Forcing is not an act of empowerment and it’s also not necessary to create.

I know that my presence models emotional freedom. I’ve earned the peace I have right now and thank life for gifting me this. It is truly divine.

I am settling back into my personal mission and letting it fuel everything I do. To be candid. Having stepped back from pushing for fast growth and hyper masculine strategies and relaxing into letting my truest and highest self be the transmission, I am a breathing invitation; I’m here to matchmake people with practical and spiritual tools for their own transformation. To be a sacred witness and guide.

When I think about why I’m here, this is what is clear.

It's important to me to meet visionaries, people who have been and are perpetually called by their highest calling to bring others into awakening, to ride the waves of consciousness in their lifetimes and in their bodies.

I want people to truly see and know how much they matter and experience their aligned self in all it allows.

People who have faced the "too much" edge should know and trust that they can live outside of any box, to constantly change and to create their own world.

So…I am a Pioneer. I claim this. The truth is, it’s always been this. I just never fully realized and truly claimed this as my truth. Until now.

It's been a relationship of trust, development, and tempering. The ego’s needs to hold onto comfort, routine, and stability and the impulse to expand and evolve are at odds in a lot of ways. The pioneer requires change, letting go, evolving. The uninformed human fears this fully. Bridging human and divine spirit, learning how to be both has been an epic journey so far.

Looking back, I see how tempering versus awakening the pioneer and sacred being has been and continues to be the real journey.

To the Fellow Pioneers and Cosmic Beings:

I see you. You’re doing great! Enjoy the process, rest up, have fun.


If this message is speaking to you and you are feeling the call to explore working together, I encourage you to look into signing up for a life coach session or read my "Investing In Yourself" E-workbook.


Love Always,

Kae Alexander V.