Oh The Changes We Grow Through

Earth Body full of love & light ✨ So thankful for this vessel of life. I vow to continually care for and love you forever lil body of mine ✨

Hey y’all! I’m Kae Alexander and I am the owner behind Cosmic Thriving. As you have probably noticed - my business name and website has changed! I learned a lot about how boho/boheme/bohemian is just as much of a racial slur as g*psy so I wanted to respect the Bohemian people and remove those terms from my practice.

I also have a new location! 33 William St Suite 7, Auburn, NY. I will be there (with a mask on) 9am-2pm Monday through Friday. You are free to stop in anytime during that time frame or message me to make an appointment for the evening or weekends at KaeAlexanderV@CosmicThriving.com or DM me on Instagram

With the name change also comes a lot of changes to the business itself. I will be focusing less on product and more on services that I offer. I will still be making intention crystal jewelry and selling a smaller curated selection of intention based handmade artisan items as well.

The certifications and services:
Holistic Life Coach
Meditation Practitioner
Mindfulness Coach
Intuitive Reader
Energy Worker
Crystal Readings
Crystal Energy Worker
Jewelry Designer
Currently learning reiki so I will be offering that soon

More about me - I am a 34 year old trans non-binary masc parent. I go by he/they pronouns. Myself and my office will ALWAYS be a safe space for LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 folks.

I’m weird. Different. Silly. Practically always smiling or giggling lol. I’m just like you. I have depression and anxiety. Disabled. I have my good days and I have my bad days.

But we all have to remember to show up for ourselves. The extra free time I have had during this pandemic has gifted me the time and space to work on so much inner healing from trauma. Did a lot of inner child work. Regained my focus on meditation. None of that toxic positivity here. Yes I think we can rewrite bits and pieces of our brains to have better outlooks on life but we will still have good and bad days.

The important thing is to keep growing and be kind to ourselves.

Are you interested in a life coach? Or just need guidance on mindfulness? Feel free to contact me at the above email address for a free 15 minute consultation ✨