November is a Month For Setting New Things in Motion

September and October were all about looking inward and self reflection. Figuring out a plan for your future and the new year. November is all about action and setting your intentions in motion. Getting that ball rolling. A catalyst setting in motion new life and new beginnings, either for good or bad - depending on past behavior, actions, and intentions. November is a karmic month in which the past is catching up with us.

November acts as a mirror reflecting that the battle always lies with the self. You can be your biggest supporter or your biggest hindrance. The month of November helps us tap into our own personal soul mission. Our Dharma.

Streaming forth a period of transition, psychic and personal growth, this month heralds new beginnings or new chapters in your life. Use this time to look at how your entire life has brought you to the point you are at right now. It is no accident that everything you need to move forward and grow is at your disposal at this moment in time – regardless of your current situation – and all you have to do to find it is to look deep inside yourself. In these times of transition, it is important for you to be present, awake and, of course, alert.

The name November is derived from Latin for ‘ninth month’, which is ‘Novembris mensis’. Being the year’s 11th month, November is endowed with extra metaphysical/spiritual meaning by this. Magically and metaphysically representing the cosmos ancient powers, the extremely powerful number 11 ushers in social occasions and excited energy. On the 11th of this 11th month, a shift of energies ushers in influences. If you would like more information about this very special date, you can get a personalized tarot read here.

Numerology power days for the month of November are the 11th, 20th, 22nd and 28th. These dates are most important, significant, and favor a good outcome. Again being a karmic month a win depends on your karmic record. The eleven will not allow escapism, to cover the eyes and deny what is happening around you, action and awakening are called for here.

This is no accident that you have at your disposal everything you need to grow and move forward, no matter your situation, you just have to look deep enough inside of yourself to find it. Be present, awake and alert, in times of transition.

Dolphin animal spirit guards over the month of November. The birthstone for the month of November is Topaz and Citrine. The Topaz is charged full of energy to promote self-confidence and strength. Citrine crystal draws in good luck and distributes it evenly.

Let me help you handle impending transitions the right way and make the most out of what is coming your way by allowing me to be your Holistic Intuitive Life Coach.