Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: October 2020

When a planet is in retrograde, astrologically it is in a state of introspection, resting and preparing for a new course. The fact is that all planets shift into this retrograde periods for a while but Mercury needs more attention because it’s connected to one of the most important areas of nowadays people - communication.

Mercury is the leader of communication and when it’s moving backwards It’s telling us that we need to stop, rewind, and observe. It’s not a time to express things outside but rather inside. Not only inside ourselves but inside our houses and social life as well.

This Mercury Retrograde takes about three weeks but the opposition to Uranus plays a big role in this Mercury Retrograde so watch what happens. It started yesterday October 13 at 9pm and will continue to be in retrograde until November 3.

Be careful not to make huge life changing decisions during this time, Mercury in retrograde has a way of making sure it won’t work out as planned. This goes for things like changing jobs, a move, plastic surgery, signing contracts, etc.

Be cautious of new job opportunities or business offers, they can easily turn out to be nothing like what you had first expected. Take this time to relax, heal old wounds, and protect your energy.


  • Burn lavender/sage bundles daily.
  • Take salt baths or swim in the ocean to clear negative energy.
  • Finalize projects.
  • Clear yourself of others' energy.
  • Double check all your work.
  • Back up your computer and devices.
  • Tie up or cut off all loose ends.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Try not to take other people’s irritability personally.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Remember that everything that happens at this time is going to help push you in the right direction, and give you a new set of skills or insight that will help you sooner than you think. Even within all its chaos, there is a secret design working in your favor if you let it.

Meditation During Retrograde

Meditation during Mercury retrograde can be quite essential to keeping our energetic field protected and balanced. Mercury is the planet that rules our nervous system and all kinds of communication. While Mercury is moving backwards it can help along some changes and unexpected situations in our lives.

The first thing to do is to try to remain calm in all situations. A lot of folx will feel much more sensitive to emotions, energies, and situations. It will be much easier to respond in extremes and in haste.

Its the time to clear out and organize your closets, throw away old items, revise your plans, prepare some backups, finish that old project that you’re may have forgotten or are putting off to the side for too long. By doing this in a concentrated and focusedway - really cleaning and reviewing things - you’re in a constant dynamic meditation. Some mantras and music can be very helpful and productive to bring more presence and patient. Really activating your sacral and heart chakras.

Some other wonderful meditations you could try are:

Mindfulness Meditation:

This is very well-known for its powerful calming affect. It was proved that practicing the mindfulness meditation can change how our brain thinks and also reduce stress, anxiety fears, and more!

During Mercury retrograde it is essential to keep the mind focused on whatever you’re doing and to help keep you centered.

Chakra Activation Meditation:

This meditation is a wonderful revitalizing meditation. Awakens every part of you. Helps to get you and your spiritual bodies better aligned and balanced. Because Mercury is the planet that rules the communication, a throat chakra meditation is essential! It helps to think twice before sending e-mails, booking stuff and buying tickets.

Release Meditation:

A simply yet important meditation - release negativity and harmful emotions. Remember that Mercury retrograde affects everyone’s life so if you’re surrounded by people during your day, their energies are always around you so It is very important to meditate for emptying your mind and clean your energetic field. This meditation helps you get back to your true self and find some inner peace.

These are just some useful meditations to incorporate into your days. Just 15-30 minutes a day and you are sure to see a positive change in your life.

Affirmations During Retrograde

It is so important to wake up and use positive affirmations to strengthen your mind. There are some affirmation mantras you can say after or while your morning meditation like:

“I am centered and balanced”

“I have the strength to face today”

" I am connected to my higher self"

And my personal favourite: "I am straight up magick!"

Affirmations can be said during meditation, while driving to work or class, while at the playground with your children, even when you're brushing your teeth! It is incredibly beneficial to say them out loud to yourself especially while looking in the mirror. Your voice has energy that helps create those positive pathways in your brain, your heart, and your soul.

Your body takes in everything in its surrounds so why not feed it some loving affirmations today.

Crystals For Mercury Retrograde

There are quite a number of crystals that can will help smooth over the ridges of your day. There are stones for energetic protection, gemstones for keeping your calm, crystals to help active your throat chakra, and so much more.

Stones for Protection:Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline, Black Kyanite, Hematite

Stones for Communication: Selenite, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Tanzanite

Stones for Keeping Calm: Turquoise, Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate,

Stones for Strength: Chrysocolla, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye

Stones for Intuition: Labradorite, Fluorite, Moonstone, Nuumite

Stones for Throat Chakra: Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Kyanite, Larimar, Amazonite

Additional Crystal Recommendations: Any throat chakra related crystals and grounding crystals. Carry with you or wear the crystals you are most drawn to.

Make sure to check out the Crystal Section of the website to find crystals sets for all of these and more!

Essential Oils For Mercury Retrograde

Scent: Fresh, sweet, lemony and herbaceous.

  • Calming influence, useful when you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Helps you release mental and emotional blockages.
  • Promotes positive, feel good vibes.
  • Supports a 'go with the flow' mindset.
  • Helps you relax when you’re feeling uptight.
  • Helps relieve a too rigid mental attitude.

Scent; Sweet, warm, balsamic, resinous, woody, exotic and sensual.

  • Holy oil from ancient time when it was considered more valuable than gold.
  • Promotes integrity with yourself. 
  • Helps you breathe more deeply.
  • Supports an intuitive state of mind.
  • Helps you build mental stamina.

Ylang Ylang III
Scent: Sweet, floral, balsamic, exotic, sensual and earthy.

  • Helps you stay calm and relaxed under pressure.
  • Useful for dispelling fear, nervousness, worry and anxiety.
  • Promotes release of tension and stress.
  • Supports a more receptive, intuitive mindset.

Cap bottle tightly and shake vigorously to thoroughly mix oils together. Allow to synergize for 12 hours or longer before using. Mixing a few gemstone chips into your blend with help strengthen all the properties.

There are so many more ways to help but this post is a perfect start. If you have any questions feel free to send an email!

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Together - we can accomplish anything!