How Do You Measure “Success”?

My astrology app sends daily notifications and today it sent:

How do you measure success?

It really got me thinking ya know? How DO I measure success?

*frantically searches brain for answer*

Alright Kae. Breathe. You got this.

So the “definition” of success when looked up in the dictionary is:

”The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The attainment of fame, wealth, or social status."

And at our core yes, success could be this. But success really holds so much more. Especially in our inner and higher selves. With family, religion, and spirituality.

For me personally, I see success in different ways. Success in my community (and spiritually personally) comes from when I have truly helped someone. Knowing that someone is better off overall from me being in their life one way or another. I have brought goodness to their life.

I feel like I am succeeding in my life when I know I am living and being the truest me I can possibly be. 

"Success is finding satisfaction in giving a little more than you take" -Christopher Reeve

I like to maintain a consistent level of productivity and take both my successes and failures in stride. I try to learn from both and apply that knowledge to future situations.

all of this leads me to my next HUGE project!

-drumroll please-

I will be focusing more on holistic services and products than just focusing on making jewelry! I am a Holistic Intuitive Life Coach.

What does this mean?? Well it means I am here to help folks learn better processes, patterns, and find their strengths and abilities! Help you find the inner you and reconnect with your higher self. I receive messages from the cosmos/universe/angels - whoever feels they need me to give someone information.

I will be offering up my life coaching services on the website in the Readings & Services section.

I will also be offering intuitive crystal and card readings!

And one last AMAZING service I have never attempted but always wanted to….Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation! Every class will come with a free 20 page booklet of learning and reflecting.

You will be able to follow along live with me right from the comfort of your own space! Once it is safer to hold in person classes, I would love to gather folks in person and also have live set up at the same time! Maybe even find a nice park to do it at. I LOVE nature.

Thank you everyone who follows along on this wild and fascinating journey!