Samhain, Full Moon, Blue Moon, Hunters Moon - Oh My!

Oh My! Is Right - Today is one heck of a big day energetically speaking.

Today is a Full Moon, a Hunter's Moon, a Blue Moon - all on Halloween!

If you've been feeling "off" lately or have been extra tired, if things seem to be falling apart, communication isn't working well, or if you are having any other crazy feelings - just know it is all going to be alright. You are NOT alone in these feelings. Lets break this very special day down, shall we?

Samhain (Halloween) was seen to be a "liminal" time, when the boundary between this world and the spiritworld grew thin. Spirit and fae kind could enter our world as well as the souls of the dead. This is a time to invite ancestors and loved ones who have passed to celebrate with you and feast on the harvest from the year. Samhain is one of the most celebrated festivals of the year in many cultures all around the world. It begins at sunset on October 31st and ends at Sunset on November 1st. This marks the halfway point between the fall equinox (Mabon) and the winter solstice (Yule). This year, that same day brings a Full Moon in Taurus also known as a Hunter's Moon. Because it's the second Full Moon of this month, it is also called the Blue Moon. This creates some rather intense energy

Hunters Moon, also known as sanguine or “blood” moon, is referring to a full moon that occurs during the month of October. The Hunters Moon encourages you to go out and seach your dreams, what you need, and to pursue your goals.

For the New Moon this month we worked on manifestations, planning, gathering, and reflecting. This Full Moon is THE time to go after those goals we set in place. Tonight is the night to do your rituals, spells, sessions, and meditations. It is the perfect night to truly get out there and capture your goals! Make your dreams your reality.

We are now at the beginning of the full moon which peaks tonight. This is also a blue moon which brings along it's own intense energy. Despite its name, the moon will not appear blue.

What is a Blue Moon you ask? The origins of this term is a bit of a mystery but some say this means "something rare" . Others trace the terms origin over 400 years ago to mean something absurd that would never happen. A Blue Moon is when there is a second Full Moon in one single month. The last time this happened on Halloween (for all time zones) was back in 1944!

This Halloween also features a Sun opposite Uranus.

Uranus represents independence and unique ways of thinking. It’s the planet associated with geniuses and revolutionaries. Sun represents your core energies and life purpose. Just like how a plant grows toward the suns light, you tend to grow in the direction suggested by your natal Sun’s placement.

The Sun being opposite Uranus can cause nervous energies and tension. These can often arise from an unsettling growing awareness full of change and uncertainty.

On top of both of those several planets are currently in retrograde. That brings a whole lot of energy into this already chaotic time.

And reminder that the clocks fall back one hour on November 1. Joy of joy, we get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday.

On Tuesday, retrograding Mercury backs up into Libra and Venus moves forward into Libra. Fairness and justice will be emphasised.

At this time we need to examine and honor the darkness within ourselves and the world. We need to realize that there is a delicate balance of light in dark in ourselves and our world. And you can not have one without the other. Today is a great day to bring some balance back to this order.

These seemingly chaotic energies are what is necessary for the shift that is happening. Once the dust settles, you will find yourself in a better place. Major changes are coming and this is just trying to prepare you for that. It's a time of healing. Secrets shall be revealed.