Community Over Competition

Are you a small business owner? Or maybe you have worked with a family run company. Possibly have friends that own their own business by themselves...

Whichever way it may be, we all understand that running your own business takes a lot of hustle, time, and effort. And when you do it all or almost all by yourself, it can truly be exhausting. Rewarding as hell for sure, but never easy.

You can do everything just right. The listings. The marketing. The shipping in a timely fashion. Everything. But! How do we get seen? We need the people. Not just putting in the work.

It is truly a lot of work.

This is how so many of us feel. And around the holiday season it can truly become a "rat race" of who can get to the customer first, who can have a better sale, etc.

But it should be more about Community Over Competition. In the small business world, we all want the same things.

This is why quite a few fellow small biz owners and I have all come together to offer a fun and easy Virtual Holiday Shopping Event. We have around 20 talented makers and artists that all have the same ideas and goals in mind: to work together and help build each other up instead of competing against one another.

I love working together with like minded folks. Creating together, helping one another, supporting each other, everything!

This Virtual Holiday Shopping Event is set to be open on November 4th, 2021.

Community over competition – Seashore Design Studio (

Make sure to check out my dear friends blog post for more information and to see all the artists and makers that have joined in! She truly has a way with words. Its almost poetry to read!  (I love reading her blogs)

And she also links to every artists business pages so feel free to take a moment and check out their websites.

This event will be held here Seashore Design Studio Chatter ( so make sure to join in before to see sneak peaks and special information.

Thank you and we hope to see you during the event!

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