Beaver Moon Eclipse Nov. 19th, 2021

On November 19th, 2021 a full moon lunar eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus will light up the night sky!  This is the last lunar eclipse of this year.

All About Eclipses

Lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes into the Earth's shadow. At maximum eclipse, the moon's face will be 97% covered and will probably get a reddish hue.

This next full moon is traditionally known as the Beaver Moon, named for the beavers that are preparing for winter at this time of year.

Eclipses can signify major events, changes, and ideas. As the Earth slips between the Sun and the Moon, what was obscured by the Sun’s bright light is allowed to emerge into awareness.

This particular lunar eclipse promises intense emotions and expressions of emotion. Jupiter’s involvement also points towards the struggle to make whole what may be in fragments now, and addresses the struggle of integrating a new reality or perspective.

You, Astrology, and Owning Your Power

While we may be experiencing shifts in many areas of our lives making this seem like a season of intense change, there is longevity involved also; this lunar eclipse ushers in the new Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series that will last through mid-2023. The general energies of Taurus/Scorpio shifts us to focus on ideas, philosophies and worldviews, towards matters of trust and betrayal, security and safety, transformation and stability, on the material and the psychological planes. Eclipses correlate to significant events in one’s life, depending on where they fall in individual charts. We can expect these eclipses to push us to align our authentic selves with new realities emerging in our lives and on the planet.

When the moon is full, your magical power is at its peak, just like the moon. This is a great time to cast any seriously large spell. There are so many full moon rituals out there because this one of the best moon phases for magic!

One of the reasons we live cyclically is because of the moon. Even if you aren’t into moon phases or don’t actually notice when there’s a new moon versus a full moon, your body and your emotions definitely know.

The full moon is an especially great time to cast spells that relate to fulfillment and to release any harmful or negative thoughts. If you feel like you’re stuck or have baggage holding you back, the energy of the full moon can help you change your mindset. 

My favorite full moon spells for release are cord cutting spells. You can cut the cords between yourself and someone else or between yourself and a situation. You can even cut the cords in your head that hold you back when you think of any situation or emotion.

    Overall, the full moon is a great time to cast any spell that you need a lot of energy for. A difficult spell has the best chance of working if it’s cast during your full moon ritual.

    When it comes to manifestation, you’ll find that ideas or actions you put in motion during the new moon will come to fruition by the full moon. I recommend looking back on the intentions you set during your new moon ritual to see the outcomes.

    And don't forget to put all your crystals out for the night of the full moon. Let that moonlight wash over your crystals, clear them of blocked energies, and invigorate them with new clear moon energies. But make sure to bring them in before the eclipse!