Adventures in Self Care

A while back we held a workshop/class in the shop about self care and how to take time for yourself. It was so much fun getting to learn about people and discover new ideas on how to work on our on self care journey.

But I know many people who wanted to join could not for any number of reasons. So we thought it would be a good idea to create a simplified version on the class and write our first blog post!

“A’ho Mitakuye Oyasin”

This means-to all my relation I honour you.

We are ALL connected. We are never alone.

Self-care is an important aspect of stress management. Having a well-cared-for mind and soul will help you learn to value yourself. Self-care is not an indulgence – it is the core of our wellbeing. By self-care, we mean purposely and actively taking time for yourself to do something that rejuvenates and energises you.

A holistic self-care plan looks at how we treat our body, mind and our spirit. We can take small steps to reduce stress and improve the quality of our lives.

Unlearn to learn makes wonderful sense!  Understand what is yours to own in this lifetime! Not your parents or grandparents, and not society cramming all their projections and illusions.

When you put away all those beliefs that are everyone else’s, then you can really look at yourself!

Now is the time to take action in our Self-Care! Self awareness is the first step in creating what you want.

Some may say “Who Am I?”

Well let me introduce you to you!!

You are.

I am.

I am Creator. I am Beauty. I am Grace. I am Humble. I am Kind. I am open to the endless possibilities. I am Grateful.

I Love Myself.

Why do you Love yourself? Why do you give parts of yourself away? Learn your worth/shine. While you’re learning your worth, others are learning also.

Mastery of Self

Understanding-what triggers you and why?

An unhealthy attachment can and WILL consume you!

Learn how to love without the uncontrolled attachment. It’s the most empowering release there is! Let that go. Stop overloading your plate. Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we forget to take care of ourselves.

Own Your Own Shit!  You’re forever feeding yourself and others with not just food.

Words. Actions. Stresses.

How Do You Honour Yourself?

Be Mindful of Yourself

Become More Mindful of How You Rate or Choose Your Self Worth

Be Accountable for Your Self in:






We are like a flower with many layers. We can put new meaning to face and body. Peel and cleanse. Always re-growing and becoming anew. Flowing from one phase to the next.

Having clarity about who you are and what you want (and why you want it), empowers you to consciously and actively make those wants a reality. As we get to know ourselves we become aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

This knowledge empowers us to bring about the changes that can transform our lives. Self-awareness helps us to uncover the wealth of creativity within and live fully with focus and purpose. Realizing what is important to us is a major step towards achieving success. Pay attention to your lifestyle choices. Are you choosing to live a healthy, empowered life? Or is it time to make some changes?

Some Benefits to Active Self Care

Renewed energy

Reducing stress

A fresh new perspective towards life, feeling positive

Creating feelings of happiness, calm and peace within

Feeling healthy and good about your body

Increased confidence & self-esteem

Increased passion for life & motivation to succeed

How do we know when we are lacking in self care?

Our body, mind and emotions keep us informed as to whether they are being taken care of in the way the need to be.

Your holistic self-care plan needs to address all elements of your life. You can break these down into four categories – physical, mental/emotional, social & spiritual. Imagine what your self-care plan might look like. Think about the things you would like to change or the things you would like to enhance.

We will be holding another Self Care class in in a few months! If you would like to join us feel free to stop into the store and sign up for a notification when we set a date. Every paid attendee will receive an intention filled free self care gift set. You may also find the event link on Facebook (when that is created) if you follow the group or like The Rustic Boheme facebook page.

Thank you all for bringing your light into this world.

With all my love,

Kae V.

The Rustic Boheme